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Drinking and Waste Water Testing 

We work with our clients to make fulfilling your regulatory testing requirements as easy as possible, based around your sampling schedule. Each of our clients receive a dedicated supply of coolers stocked with the appropriate certified, precleaned sample containers, chain of custody forms, and sample labels. 

Analytical results are reported in regulatory-required formats and provided via email or as a hardcopy. Turnaround times are adjusted for end-of-reporting period samples to ensure our clients receive their results in time to meet their compliance reporting deadlines. 


Typical Testing Procedures

Drinking Water - Inorganics

Cyanide - EPA 335.4

Fluoride - EPA 300.0

Nitrate - EPA 300.0

Nitrite - EPA 300.0

Sulfate - EPA 300.0

VOCs - EPA 524.2

BOD, Ammonia, TKN, Phenolics

Anions, Oil & Grease, Cyanide

Total / Fecal Coliform

Total Phosphorus, Water Extractable Phosphorus

Metals, Total Recoverable Metals

Pesticides, PCBs

Total Suspended Solids, Total Volatile Solids

Drinking Water - Inorganics (Metals)

Antimony - EPA 200.9

Arsenic - EPA 200.9

Barium - EPA 200.7

Beryllium - EPA 200.7

Cadmium - EPA 200.7

Chromium - EPA 200.7

Copper - EPA 200.7

Lead - EPA 200.9

Mercury - EPA 245.2

Nickel - EPA 200.7

Selenium - EPA 200.9

Sodium - EPA 200.7

Thallium - EPA 200.9

Clients & Reporting

We provide analytical results in regulatory-required formats and adjusts sample turnaround time to ensure on-time compliance reporting.


All of our routine waste-water clients receive a dedicated sample bottle and cooler supply. As each set of samples arrives at the laboratory, the cooler is repacked with the appropriate sample bottles and delivered back to the client the next day.

We Test Private Wells!

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Plumber at Work

"We have a long standing working relationship with CT Labs and look forward working with them for long into the future."

Satisfied client for 30+ years

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