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CT Laboratories LLC offers a comprehensive range of environmental testing services. The matrices we test include: surface water, ground water, drinking water, soil, sludge, sediment, elutriate, and other wastes. Contact us today to learn more about our capabilities and pricing.

We do a lot, but we can't do it all. To provide the most comprehensive range of analytical services possible, we have established relationships with several large business laboratory networks and specialty laboratories. We work closely with these carefully chosen partners to provide our clients with consistent turnaround, high quality analytical results and compatibility in data deliverables. We maintain a register of each qualified subcontract laboratory, including their current DoD ELAP and NELAP accreditation scopes.

We provide test kits for private wells. View more information here
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Organic Analyses

CT Laboratories has two teams dedicated to the analysis of Volatile and Semi-Volatile Organic Compounds using GC, GC-MS, and HPLC Technologies to meet your low-level needs. 

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CT Laboratories has extensive experience in metal analyses.  We maintain ICP, Flame and Furnace AA capabilities.  This means we can offer you low detection limits to meet the needs of your project.  

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General Chemistry

At CT Laboratories, our General Chemistry (or wet-chem) department is one of our busiest. We employ experienced chemists that are well versed in the methods that they are responsible for. There are many short hold time analyses in this department. Our staff works around a detailed time management schedule to make sure all results are generated accurately and efficiently.


Biological Testing

CT Laboratories offers a wide range of biological testing services. We also offer specialty services like Microcystin analyses, Heterotrophic plate counts, and Algal species composition. Our chemists are experienced, and can handle large volumes of samples throughout the busy testing seasons of the year.


Physical & Geotechnical

CT Laboratories has been expanding into Geo Technical and Physical testing for the past several years. We have grown from sieve and grain size analyses to complex grinding and homogenization of soil for multi-incremental sampling projects.


Specialty Testing

In addition to our routine analytical capabilities, CT Laboratories LLC offers specialty testing services and can help develop new procedures to suit your needs.

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