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  • Quality | Ct Laboratories

    Quality Assurance Quality is not a given or an afterthought at CT Laboratories. Our quality assurance program is designed to ensure legally defensible data. From numerous performance evaluation studies, NELAP and other individual State audits, as well as our in-house program, we continually monitor our quality to ensure our clients get the best results possible. Certifications CT Laboratories LLC is DoD ELAP accredited and maintains national accreditation through multiple NELAP certifications. We hold state certifications in several of the country’s most stringent programs. The following organizations have endorsed CT Laboratories’ quality. These endorsements are granted on a facility specific basis through accreditation and/or certification and have been obtained as required for client projects. Many other state and federal agencies recognize reciprocal certification based on these national and state accreditations. ​ Click on the icons below to view certifications and permits. States with reciprocity/few or no requirements: Alabama Colorado Hawaii Idaho Indiana Michigan Mississippi Missouri Montana Nebraska New Mexico Ohio Rhode Island South Dakota Tennessee Vermont Wyoming Security: Contact our QA Team For more specific information about state program requirements or CT Laboratories' state certifications, contact Rebecca Duranceau (QA Manager) via email or phone. Rebecca Duranceau Mail Phone 608.356.2760

  • General Chemistry | Ct Laboratories

    General Chemistry At CT Laboratories, our General Chemistry (or wet-chem) department is one of our busiest. We employ experienced chemists that are well versed in the methods that they are responsible for. There are many short hold time analyses in this department. Our staff works around a detailed time management schedule to make sure all results are generated accurately and efficiently. ​ Please see our sample receiving hours Alkalinity (carbonate, bicarbonate) Method EPA 310.2 SM 2320B Matrices Water BOD - 5 Day (total, soluble, carbonaceous) Method SM 5210B Matrices Water Cyanide (reactive) Method SW-846 Ch. 7.3 Matrices Water, Solid Hardness Method EPA 6010C SM 2340B Matrices Water Nitrogen, Organic Total Method EPA 350.1 EPA 351.2 Matrices Water, Solid Oil & Grease - HEM (with SGT) Method EPA 1664A Matrices Water Phosphorus Method EPA 365.1 EPA 365.4 Matrices Water, Solid Solids, Settleable Method SM 2540F Matrices Water Solids, Percent Method EPA 8000C SM 2540G Matrices Solid Solids, Volatile Suspended Method EPA 160.2 EPA 160.4 SM 2540D Matrices Water Sulfide, Reactive Method ASTM D4978 Matrices Water, Soil Ammonia Nitrogen Method EPA 350.1 SM4500-NH3H Matrices Water, Solid COD Method EPA 410.4 EPA 5220D Matrices Water Flashpoint Method EPA 1010A Matrices Water, Solid Hexavalent Chromium Method EPA 7196A Matrices Water Nitrogen, Total Method EPA 351.2 EPA 300.0 EPA 9056A Matrices Water, Solid Organic Carbon, Total Method EPA 415.1 EPA 9060A Lloyd Kahn Matrices Water, Solid Phosphate Method EPA 9056A Matrices Solid Solids, Total Dissolved Method EPA 160.1 SM 2540C Matrices Water Solids, Total Suspended Method SM 2540D Matrices Water Specific Gravity Method SM 2710F Matrices Water, Solid Anions (bromide, chloride, fluoride, nitrate, nitrite, ortho-phosphate, sulfate) Method EPA 300.0 EPA 9056A SM 4110B Matrices Water, Solid Cyanide (total) Method EPA 335.4 EPA 9012B Matrices Water Free Liquids Method EPA 9095B Matrices Solid Nitrate + Nitrite Method EPA 353.2 Matrices Water, Solid Nitrogen, Total Kjeldahl Method EPA 351.2 Matrices Water, Solid pH Method EPA 150.2 EPA 9040C EPA 9041A SM 4500H+B EPA 9045D Matrices Water, Solid Residue, Total Method SM 2540C Matrices Water Solids, Total Method SM 2540B Matrices Water Solids, Total Volatile Method EPA 160.4 SM 2540D Matrices Water, Solid Sulfide, Total Method EPA 376.1 EPA 9034 Matrices Water Back to Testing Services

  • Jobs | Ct Laboratories

    About CT Laboratories LLC is a full-service environmental laboratory located in Baraboo, WI with over 25 years of experience providing analytical testing services to a wide range of Federal and commercial projects nationwide. The company is classified as a woman owned small business under NAICS Code 541380, Testing Laboratories. Additionally, over half of our staff and analysts are women. Learn more about CT Laboratories here. ​ Salary and Benefits: Starting salary is commensurate with experience. Holiday pay and Paid Time Off (PTO) Health & Dental Insurance Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) Flexible Spending Account (FSA) Opportunities for over-time pay 401(k) Current Job Postings If no jobs are currently posted, you may still submit an application. We keep all resumes on file for 6 months in the event that a position opens. ​ How to Apply Send the following in an email to . The Subject of your email should be in the following format: "Application - Last, First" Resume / CV Cover Letter Reference(s) ​ Note: If you have not heard back from a representative within 7 business days, please contact 608-356-2760 and ask for Brett. We routinely check our spam folders, but do not catch everything. ​ All resumes are kept on file for 6 months after they have been received. ​

  • Landfills | Ct Laboratories

    Landfills CT Laboratories LLC has over 30 years of experience providing analytical support for landfills in Wisconsin and nationwide, including groundwater monitoring, leachate and compost/biopile testing. Specialty services include low level VOC analyses (Vinyl Chloride down to 0.02 ppb) and custom trend and exceedance reports. WE DO TCLP, SPLP, and ASTM LEACHATES! We serve all types of landfills Major Commercial Solid / Hazardous Waste Landfills Multiple National / Regional Companies​ Commercial Landfill Recycling / Recovery Companies Construction & Demolition Landfills Municipal Landfills City of Adams Landfill​ Boscobel Landfill Monroe County Landfill Dane County Landfill Sauk County Landfill West Allis Landfill Columbia County Landfill Juneau County Landfill Federal Oxford Federal Landfill​ Active Military Installations Ft. McCoy​ Former DoD Facility Landfills ​Badger AAP Landfill​​ Pueblo Depot Landfill / Roll-Offs Lockbourne AFB Landfill Anniston AAD C&D Landfill Fort Custer Dump Site 500 Landfill sites in Wisconsin currently require active monitoring. Let us help you meet your regulatory needs!

  • Field Resources & Forms | Ct Laboratories

    Field Resources Download necessary forms here! ​ **ALL SAMPLES MUST HAVE A COC ATTACHED*** 1 Laboratory Field Guide 2021 This is a resource that outlines all of our tests, shipping requirements, how to fill out the COC, and specific sampling/bottling requirements for each test and matrix. DOWNLOAD PDF 2 Waste Water Chain of Custody Use this form for BOD, TSS, pH, Fecal Coliform, Chloride, Nitrate + Nitrite, Phosphorous, Ammonia Nitrogen, TKN, and Lab Filtration Tests. DOWNLOAD PDF 3 UST Chain of Custody Use this form for DRO, GRO, GRO/PVOC, Lead, Cadmium, VOC 8260, PAH, and % Solids. DOWNLOAD PDF 4 Blank Chain of Custody Use this form for any other testing not mentioned above. DOWNLOAD PDF 5 Terms & Conditions The Terms and Conditions can also be found on the back of all COC forms. DOWNLOAD PDF Let's Work Together Questions? Contact a Project Manager at 608-356-2760 or via email at .

  • Customer Survey | Ct Laboratories

    We Value Your Feedback CT Laboratories is an organization committed to continuous improvement. Please feel free to fill out the Customer Satisfaction Survey to let us know how we are doing. Customer Satisfaction Survey Rate us on Google

  • Metals Analysis | Ct Laboratories

    Metals Analysis CT Laboratories has extensive experience in metal analyses. We maintain ICP, Cold Vapor and Furnace AA capabilities. This means we can offer you low detection limits to meet the needs of your project. Metals by GFAA Methods: EPA 200.9 EPA 7010 ​ Analytes: Antimony Arsenic Lead Selenium Thallium Matrices: Drinking Water, Water, Solid, Wipes Hardness Methods: EPA 6010C SM 2340B Matrices: Water Mercury Methods: EPA 245.1 EPA 7470A EPA 7471B Matrices: Water, Drinking Water, Solid Hexavalent Chromium Methods: EPA 7196A Matrices: Water Metals by ICP Methods: EPA 200.7 EPA 6010C EPA 6010D ​ Analytes: Aluminum Antimony Arsenic Barium Beryllium Boron Cadmium Calcium Chromium Cobalt Copper Iron Lead Magnesium Molybdenum Nickel Potassium Selenium Silver Sodium Strontium Sulfur Thallium Tin Vanadium Zinc Matrices: Water, Solid, Sludge, Wipes Back to Testing Services

  • Private Well Testing | Ct Laboratories

    Private Well Water Testing CT Laboratories does not have specific testing bundles because we believe each home owner/client has different needs. We build test kits and adjust pricing accordingly . ​ Our Project Manager, Jodi Serstad , has over 20 years of experience at CT Laboratories determining individual testing needs. Her expertise extends beyond State Drinking Water requirements, and she works with local municipalities, businesses, and individuals on a daily basis. Whether you're an individual home owner, a plumber, or contractor, she can guide you to determine what testing would suit your needs the best. ​ Find her contact information here . ​ Identify your water's symptoms: ​ Go to DNR

  • Drinking and Waste Water | Ct Laboratories

    Drinking and Waste Water Testing We work with our clients to make fulfilling your regulatory testing requirements as easy as possible, based around your sampling schedule. Each of our clients receive a dedicated supply of coolers stocked with the appropriate certified, precleaned sample containers, chain of custody forms, and sample labels. ​ Analytical results are reported in regulatory-required formats and provided via email or as a hardcopy. Turnaround times are adjusted for end-of-reporting period samples to ensure our clients receive their results in time to meet their compliance reporting deadlines. Typical Testing Procedures Drinking Water - Inorganics Cyanide - EPA 335.4 Fluoride - EPA 300.0 Nitrate - EPA 300.0 Nitrite - EPA 300.0 Sulfate - EPA 300.0 Drinking Water - Volatile Organic Compounds VOCs - EPA 524.2 Waste-Water and Sludge BOD, Ammonia, TKN, Phenolics Anions, Oil & Grease, Cyanide Total / Fecal Coliform Total Phosphorus, Water Extractable Phosphorus Metals, Total Recoverable Metals Pesticides, PCBs Total Suspended Solids, Total Volatile Solids Drinking Water - Inorganics (Metals) Antimony - EPA 200.9 Arsenic - EPA 200.9 Barium - EPA 200.7 Beryllium - EPA 200.7 Cadmium - EPA 200.7 Chromium - EPA 200.7 Copper - EPA 200.7 Lead - EPA 200.9 Mercury - EPA 245.2 Nickel - EPA 200.7 Selenium - EPA 200.9 Sodium - EPA 200.7 Thallium - EPA 200.9 Clients & Reporting We provide analytical results in regulatory-required formats and adjusts sample turnaround time to ensure on-time compliance reporting . All of our routine waste-water clients receive a dedicated sample bottle and cooler supply. As each set of samples arrives at the laboratory, the cooler is repacked with the appropriate sample bottles and delivered back to the client the next day. We Test Private Wells! Click here for more information. "We have a long standing working relationship with CT Labs and look forward working with them for long into the future." Satisfied client for 30+ years

  • Shipping and Receiving | Ct Laboratories

    Shipping & Receiving Below are commonly used couriers that can ship to CT Laboratories. ​ Take a look at our Field Sampling Guide for directions on packaging your samples so they remain intact and at the correct temperature. ​ ​ UPS Fedex SpeeDee USPS From our 2021 Field Sampling Guide (pages 2-4) Join Our CSA

  • Department of Defense | Ct Laboratories

    Department of Defense Services CT Laboratories is a WOSB providing analytical support to hundreds of DoD projects nationwide. The laboratory is DoD ELAP accredited in compliance with the DoD Quality Systems Manual (QSM). We hold current analytical services contracts with USACE Louisville, Omaha and Baltimore Districts and perform numerous methods in support of DoD projects, such as 8330B explosives, nitroguanidine and nitrocellulose and chemical warfare degradation products. Testing Services United States DoD Branches Served Coast Guard Projects 12-State Due Diligence Lead Survey Ft. Myers, FL Lake Michigan Facilities – MI Lake Michigan Facilities – WI CGC Yorktown, VA CGC Ouachita, TN District 9 Dredging Projects USACE/ACM Projects Aberdeen Proving Ground, MD Redstone Arsenal, AL Pueblo Chemical Depot, CO Chicago District - Sediment/Elutriate Badger AAP, WI Ft. Leonard Wood, MO Savanna Army Depot, IL Baltimore District - Ft. Belvoir Support Kansas AAP, KS Ft. Meade/Tipton Airfield, MD Ravenna AAP, OH St. Paul District - Mississippi River Sediment Ft. Wingate, NM Iowa AAP, IA Ft. Hamilton, NY Omaha District - Lincoln Atlas Missile Sites Jefferson Proving Ground, IN Ft. Polk, LA Camp Reynolds, PA KC District – MO, KS, IA Water Quality Kinchloe AFB, MI Anniston AAP, AL Picatinny Arsenal, NJ Louisville District – MI FUDs Radford AAP, VA Navy Projects Naval Weapons Station Yorktown, VA Philadelphia Naval Shipyard, PA Reserve Center La Crosse, WI NSWC Indian Head, MD Craney Island Naval Reservation, VA Former NOS Forest Park, IL NAS JRB Willow Grove, PA Former Nansemond Ordnance Depot, VA Thurmont Navy Support Facility, MD NAS JRB New Orleans, LA JEB Little Creek, VA National Guard Projects ANG SE facilities: MS / AL / FL MT / ID ANG facilities General Mitchell, WI Selfridge ANG, MI 178th Fighter Wing, OH 177th Fighter Wing, NJ Twin Cities ANG, MN Volk Field CRTC, WI Alpena ANG, MI Sioux City ANG, IA Hulman Regional ANG, IN Truax Field, WI Air Force/AFCEE Projects Nationwide Soil Survey (42 AFBs) King Salmon, AK Seymour Johnson AFB, NC Tinker AFB, OK Tyndall AFB, FL McGuire AFB, NJ Wright-Patterson AFB, OH McConnell AFB, KS Kunsan AFB, Korea Grand Forks AFB, ND FE Warren AFB, WY England AFB, LA

  • Project Management | Ct Laboratories

    Our Project Managers. CT Laboratories firmly believes that communication is the key to every successful project. We will assign an experienced chemist as a dedicated Project Manager to handle all your needs. They can provide information for inclusion in your QAPP and can meet with you up front to discuss the project, making sure all questions and scenarios are discussed before the work arrives. Your PM will input your project-specific requirements (special compounds, reporting limits, action levels or report formats) into our LIMS. When the work arrives at the lab, you will be notified that the samples arrived safely and of their condition. Any problems, you will be notified immediately. After your reports have been sent, the project manager will be there to discuss the data with you. ​ Learn more about Reporting and Electronic Data Deliverables here . Dennis Linley Business Development Sales & Marketing BS in Wildlife Biology Time at CT Laboratories: 26 years ​ Areas of Expertise: Sales & Marketing Project Management Client Relationships Sample Receiving & Processing Reporting ​ contact: 608.963.4964 Eric Korthals Senior Project Manager BS/MS in Aquatic Biology/Chemistry Time at CT Laboratories: 31 years ​ Areas of Expertise: Project Management in all areas of CT Laboratories involvement. Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS) administration and development. Electronic Data Deliverables (EDDs) development and generation. Report development and customization. Inorganic chemistry and microbiology ​ Contact: Jodi Serstad Project Manager Time at CT Laboratories: 20 years ​ Areas of Expertise ​DNR Waste Water and Drinking Water Compliance. Local Municipalities Testing Needs - Water Treatment Plants Shipping and Receiving Hazardous Waste Disposal Independent Well Water Testing Sample Receiving and Facilities Management ​ Contact: Brett Szymanski Project Manager / Laboratory Director BA in Management & Human Resources Time at CT Laboratories: 10 years ​ Areas of Expertise: Oversight of operations, strategic planning, monitoring QA/QC issues, personnel and workload allocations. Project Management for Department of Defense , EPA/ Brownfields/ Superfunds , and other high-profile projects nationwide. Organics Analysis on GC/MS. Field Sampling Consultant. ​ Contact: Email Call 608-356-2760 Follow

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