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Garbage Factory


CT Laboratories LLC has over 30 years of experience providing analytical support for landfills in Wisconsin and nationwide, including groundwater monitoring, leachate and compost/biopile testing. Specialty services include low level VOC analyses (Vinyl Chloride down to 0.02 ppb) and custom trend and exceedance reports.


We serve all types of landfills

  1. Major Commercial Solid / Hazardous Waste Landfills

    • Multiple National / Regional Companies​

  2. Commercial Landfill Recycling / Recovery Companies

  3. Construction & Demolition Landfills

  4. Municipal Landfills

    • City of Adams Landfill​

    • Boscobel Landfill

    • Monroe County Landfill

    • Dane County Landfill

    • Sauk County Landfill

    • West Allis Landfill

    • Columbia County Landfill

    • Juneau County Landfill

  5. Federal

    • Oxford Federal Landfill​

  6. Active Military Installations

    • Ft. McCoy​

  7. Former DoD Facility Landfills

    • ​Badger AAP Landfill​​

    • Pueblo Depot Landfill / Roll-Offs

    • Lockbourne AFB Landfill

    • Anniston AAD C&D Landfill

    • Fort Custer Dump Site

500 Landfill sites in Wisconsin currently require active monitoring. Let us help you meet your regulatory needs!

Current Landfills that require Monitoring.png
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