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Surface Water & Sediments

CT Laboratories LLC has extensive experience analyzing surface water, pore water, sediments and elutriates in support of multiple USACE Districts, US EPA, State and local government agency projects.

Our Projects

Typical Testing Procedures

Elutriate Generation

Including Standard Elutriate, Modified Elutriate, Effluent Elutriate, and State Specific Modifications

Surface Water Testing

Chlorophyll A, Microcystin, Pesticides, Anions, TOC/DOC, Ammonia (TKN), Metlas, TDS/TSS/TVS, BOD/COD, Phytoplankton, PAH, Cyanide, DRO/GRO, Total/ortho-phosphorus

Sediment Testing

Grain Size, Atterberg Limits, Specific Gravity, Bulk Density, Phosphorus, Cyanide, TOC, Organics, Pesticides, DRO/GRO, PCBs, PAH, Hexavalent Chromium

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